Our Mandate:

We showcase and celebrate contemporary art and text with a focus on girly, melancholy material.

Editorial Vision:

  • We’re fascinated by all things feminine and any lesser known or hidden stories.
  • We’re interested in challenging ideas of art:  memes, new media, digital, and conceptual art.
  • We love tragedies, a darker outlook, and (especially) black comedy.
  • We’re supportive of emotional explorations.

Who can submit to Sad Girl Review?

We’re looking for submissions from all people:

all genders, all races, all orientations, all everything.

What is Sad Girl Review looking for?

  • Contemporary Art.
    • drawings, painting, photography, new media, performance art, installation, uncategorizable, …
  • Poetry.
    • prose-like, avant garde, concrete, ekphrastic, free verse, twitter-sized, sprawling, screenshotted texts, …
  • Articles, Reviews, Criticism.
    • We’re open minded! Send in a pitch.

What is Sad Girl Review NOT looking for?

  • We are not accepting fiction (short or long) at this time.  However, you may send a query letter if you think you’ve got work that’s a good fit.
  • We never take kindly to sexism, racism, ableism, or other general shittiness around here.  Just don’t.

How do I submit?

Please see the most recent call for submissions.  Your subject line should read SAD GIRL REVIEW SUBMISSION [type of work you’re submitting].  We gladly accept simultaneous submissions and reprints but please make a note about this in your submission.

  • Contemporary Art.
    • Please send 3-5 images of recent work. (jpg preferred, 1500px max on the longest side)
    • Be sure to include the titles and media used, as well as any further information about the works that you think we should know.
    • Include a brief bio (less than 100 words) in the body of your e-mail.  Include social media usernames.
  • Poetry.
    • Please send up to 3 recent works.
    • 80 lines max per poem.
  • Articles, Reviews, Criticism
    • Are you passionate about a topic that fits well within the Sad Girl Review mandate?  We are looking for advice columns, how to’s, essays, critiques, and other interesting features.  Please send send a 1-2 sentence summary to subs @ sadgirlreview . com.

What about my rights?

You retain the copyright to your work.  If your work is published again elsewhere— that’s great, we’re proud of your success!  All we ask for is a credit and a link back to Sad Girl Review (example: This work first appeared in Sad Girl Review Issue 1).