Announcement: Guest Editor Era

Hey there, friends, femmes, and thems! It’s Amber, the creator and editor behind Sad Girl Review, and I have some news to share! 📣✨

Remember back in 2018 when I started this little haven for all things creative, melancholy, and ‘girly’? Well, we’ve come a long way. Sad Girl Review was born from the depths of my passion for emerging and marginalized creators of all gender identities and their underappreciated sad girl work. And now, here we are, ready to turn the page on a brand-new chapter! 

After five years and nine incredible issues that covered everything from fashion to failure to fangirl fervour, it’s time to switch things up: moving forward, this is the era of GUEST EDITORS! 

It’s time to pass the mic to some seriously rad individuals who are looking to show us new directions for all things sad girl related. These Guest Editors are going to bring their own unique magic to Sad Girl Review. They’re taking the reins, selecting themes that resonate with their interests, and dancing to the beat of their own timelines. And guess what? Yours truly will still be lurking in the shadows, ready to help out, answer questions, and ensure our sad girl culture keeps on vibing.

Who are these fabulous Guest Editors, you ask? Well, they’re either past contributors who’ve graced our pages before, or they’re based right where it all began – Vancouver Island, ‘Canada’! But hey, change is the name of the game, and our editor lineup might just do a little shimmy over time. If this sounds like you or something you’d like to be involved with, feel free to get in touch to let me know you’re interested; I’m keeping a list of people that want a go at it and am offering the editorship to issues as they emerge (but keep in mind it could be a long while!).

I’ll be announcing our very first Guest Editor tomorrow (because this post is long enough already, lol). She’s getting settled in to take over Sad Girl Review’s social media and emails for Issue 10. And that’s not all: our new Guest Editor brings a shiny new call for submissions!

So, stay tuned, stay sad, and get ready! 

With love,

Amber ❤