Our Mandate:


We showcase and celebrate contemporary art and text with a focus on girly, melancholy material.


Editorial Vision:


  • We’re fascinated by all things feminine and any lesser known or hidden stories.
  • We’re interested in challenging ideas of art:  memes, new media, digital, and conceptual art.
  • We love tragedies, a darker outlook, and (especially) black comedy.
  • We’re supportive of inner emotional explorations.


Who can submit to Sad Girl Review?


We’re looking for submissions from all people:

all genders, all races, all orientations, all everything.


What is Sad Girl Review looking for?


  • Contemporary Art.
    • keywords for art we like: photography, metamodern, new media, performance art, drawing, painting, feminist, nuanced, curation, minimal, installation, any -ism, repetitions, uncategorizable, or whatever.


  • Poetry.
    • keywords for poems we like: unusual, intertextual, prose-like, avant garde, concrete, ekphrastic, free verse, twitter-sized, sprawling, screencapped texts, series, sequence, spoken word, or whatever.


  • Articles, Reviews, Criticism.
    • We’re open minded.  See below.


What is Sad Girl Review NOT looking for?


  • We are not accepting fiction (short or long) at this time.  However, you may send a query letter if you think you’ve got work that’s a good fit.


  • We never take kindly to sexism, racism, ableism, or other general shittiness around here.  Just don’t.


How do I submit?


Send all content to subs@sadgirlreview.com.  Your subject line should read SAD GIRL REVIEW SUBMISSION [whatever category you’re submitting to].  We gladly accept simultaneous submissions and reprints but please make a note about this in your submission.


  • Contemporary Art.
    • Please send 3-5 images of recent work. (jpg preferred, 1500px max on the longest side)
    • Be sure to include the titles and media used, as well as any further information about the works that you think we should know.
    • Include a brief bio (less than 100 words) in the body of your e-mail.  Include social media usernames.


  • Poetry.
    • Please send up to 3 recent works.
    • Any form is fine, but we’ve got a preference for work that doesn’t rhyme.
    • 100 lines maximum per poem.
    • Include a brief bio (less than 100 words) in the body of your e-mail.  Include social media usernames.


  • Articles, Reviews, Criticism
    • Are you passionate about a topic that fits well within the Sad Girl Review mandate?  We are looking for advice columns, how to’s, essays, critiques, and other interesting features.  Please send send a 1-2 sentence summary, a title, and a PDF/doc.
    • And as above, include a brief bio (less than 100 words) in the body of your e-mail.  Include social media usernames.


Do I get paid?


No, unfortunately not.  🙁

Sad Girl Review doesn’t make money at this time.  We hope that this won’t always be the case, as we truly value the contributions of authors and artists.


What about my rights?


You retain the copyright to your work.  If your work is published again elsewhere— that’s great, we’re proud of your success!  All we ask for is a credit and a link back to Sad Girl Review (example: This work first appeared in Sad Girl Review, Issue 1).