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This is a volume of tributes, odes, dedications, and fanart because every great work is influenced by the work that came before it. We are inspired by the spirit of the fangirl because she enchants and disturbs us with her obsessive study of a single topic. She compels us to praise and elevate the people and topics that were initially snubbed or overlooked. She is the harbinger of popular culture and she charts the stars to show us new constellations. Together we will construct our own canon of all figures and things deemed heroic, influential, and girly. So who has inspired you and what did you do about it?

Seeking: poems, creative nonfiction and essays (ideally 2000 words or less), art of any kind (yes – including fanart), photography, flash experiments, articles, horoscopes, playlists, 3AM confessions, fashion editorials, and just about everything else. All people of all skill levels are welcome to submit work for consideration.

Deadline: December 5, 2020

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Send up to 3 poems, 6 images, or up to 2000 words of original writing. Previous contributors are welcome to submit again. If you’re not sure if you’re submitting correctly feel free to send your material anyway– we’ll sort it out and talk to you about it. Don’t stress!

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