Sad Girl Review is a new contemporary art and lit magazine. We’re publishing online seasonally.

We showcase and celebrate the best in girly, melancholy material. We’re fascinated by all things feminine, and any lesser known or hidden stories. We’re interested in challenging ideas of art: memes, emojis, new media, digital, and conceptual art. We love tragedies, a darker outlook, and (especially) black comedy. We’re supportive of inner emotional explorations.




Editor — Amber ♥

Amber Morrison Fox is an emerging cross-disciplinary artist from Nanaimo, BC.  She completed her BA in Visual Art and Creative Writing at Vancouver Island University.  She won the Visual Art Major Award of Excellence, Best Performance at VIU Create Conference, and Nanaimo Art Gallery’s Achievement Award in 2018.  She has also won awards in painting, art history, sculpture, curation, and fiction. She served as Assistant Curator at The View Gallery (2017), and is currently a Program Coordinator at the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

Her work can be viewed at